Kathryn Malcolm


Image of concept art from Ethereal

Ethereal is a sci-fi adventure game set in a universe where there are no completely habitable planets for humans, yet the solar system is overrun with them.

The player follows the adventures of two such humans and two aliens who are all criminals aboard a prison ship. The protagonists manage to escape together and hijack a ship when the space station is hit by a meteor. However, they soon realise that the ship is being tracked and will send out a signal as soon as it lands on any chartered planet; the escapees are forced to travel to the other side of the universe together to a backwater planet where they can finally alight and part ways. But to make matters more complicated, one woman, a necromancer, is also on the run from the devil and binds the others to her, constraining them to help. Now they are on a race against time to save their souls as well as evading the law.