Nathan, Will and Eli - NEW3

Mythical Matchmaker

In an ethereal realm beyond our mortal understanding, a catastrophic threat is presented. As the modern world disrupts the balance between love and lust, a ripple effect causes mythical beings to forget the intricacies of love. Within this transcendent realm, all facets of gods, myths, legends, and fictional entities from all human culture co-exist in a harmonious equilibrium. When this equilibrium is disturbed Asmodeus, the demon of lust, and Cupid, the god of affection, must work together to restore harmony once again. The player, embodying the enigmatic Bone Daddy, must navigate the complexities of guiding these mythical beings, unfamiliar with contemporary dating, and steering them away from the pitfalls of unchecked lust as a final effort to save not just humanity but all existence. With Asmodeus' quick wit and mischief, coupled with Cupid's excitement and naivety, the player's journey unfolds alongside characters like Santa, Cthulhu, and Medusa, as the careful creation of their personalities takes shape within this otherworldly narrative.