Ricardo Gutierrez Castro

Drawn Out

Everything drawn out begins with a pencil and a canvas, and in this world, the pencil takes the form of the conjoined twin brothers Skriblkins and Tisat, as well as the canvas which takes the form of a cosmic crystal ball. With these two elements working in unison art and illustrations can be brought to life and worlds themselves are given fertile ground to breed artistry and illustrative wonders. However, the great Tisat being the eraser end, felt cheated and strived for greater control and ambition despite his crucial role and importance, and with a growing sense of betrayal as the drawn-out inhabitants begin creation of their own without permission, the eraser casts his brother out and holds the illustrated world and it’s deemed strange inhabitants hostage. The player, playing as the lead end of the pencil Skriblkins must travel the multi-medial land, meeting and aiding various strange but mysteriously linked characters in hopes of finding his way back to make amends with his brother and saving the fate of the drawn-out world.