Laura Neal

Last Chance Saloon

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Last Chance Saloon is an American frontier-themed card game with roleplay elements and an immersive story. Set in the twilight years of the American frontier, you play as one of six strikingly varied iconic Western archetypes each trying to complete a set of special tasks they have waited years to accomplish, before the Wild West they hold so dear fades away around them. After first assuming the role of one of the iconic characters, each player is issued a set of ‘mission cards’ at the start of each game in which they must complete to win. To succeed, they must get the correct dice combination, displayed on each ‘mission card’ in no more than three turns. Every time they succeed, they are granted rewards to aid them in beating their opponents, where strategy is key. The player to succeed on all their missions first is the winner. Each character has their own meticulously detailed backstory and motive, and are fighting one last time, whether it’s for vengeance, honour or salvation. When the bullet casings fall and the blood splatters, your mission is to be the Western hero that emerges victorious and rides off into the setting sun.