Jessica Murray & Adam Watts

Jazz and Azul

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Jazz and Azul is a single-player story-driven adventure game set within a world segregated by jazz and blues music. Players embark on an adventure in which they are able to relive an important chapter in both Jazz and Azul’s lives; the day these two young friends went on a journey to destroy a wall that divided them. With the powerful combination of both puzzle-solving and music, players must overcome the challenges of this cruel, diverse world. Jazz and Azul inspires conversation and cooperation to encourage players to reflect on real-world issues, as it’s fundamental core is heavily influenced by the music, history and culture of jazz and blues. This coming-of-age adventure exposes players to the harsh realities caused by segregation and discrimination, whilst also emphasising how cooperation, determination and friendship can break that vicious cycle. What trials did Jazz and Azul face that day? How were they able to help each other on either side of the Great Divide? Were they be able to destroy the wall or did their overbearing, bigoted communities still have a hold over them?