Jessica Murray & Adam Watts

Jazz and Azul

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Jazz and Azul is a two-player, story-driven adventure co-op game set within a world segregated by jazz and blues music. Our game tells the tale of two young friends who go on a journey to destroy a wall that divides them. Players can play as either Jazz or Azul, whose coming-of-age adventure will allow players to learn about the harsh realities caused by segregation, whilst also learning how communication and friendship can break that vicious cycle. Jazz and Azul inspires cooperation and communication in order to not only change the lives of their characters but also hopefully encourage the players to reflect upon real-world issues. What trials with Jazz and Azul face? How will they be able to help each other on either side of the Great Divide? Will they be able to destroy the wall or will their overbearing, bigoted communities still have a hold over them?