Chenhao (Rylan) Li, Daryl Acquah-Robertson, Andreea Ogledean


Poster for Game ImPo.exe

Impo is a 2D platformer musical game, in which the players are competing against each other. The first player drops various obstacles to evade the second player; the second player uses different combinations of parkour-inspired movements to overcome these obstacles, in order to catch the first player. Once the second player catches the first player, the roles change. Each obstacle and movement will generate a musical sound and is recorded by the system, that can be listened to after the gameplay. This game brings people together by having fun through the process of creating a piece of music. It is essential to mention that this game is tailored towards both musicians and people who have no musical background. One should be able to compose a new piece, or play an existing one, if they want to, and have acquired the skills to do so, just like with an actual instrument.