Venny Georgieva

Altered Conduct

Image for Project

Solve incredibly high-stakes environmental puzzles using awesome abilities you obtain from a powerful set of dice in Altered Conduct, a challenging strategy game with numerous solutions. Through unprecedented technological innovation, humanity has now developed the Alteration Implants, allowing genetically compatible individuals to wield one fantastic ability such as Telekinesis, Teleportation, Control Over Time and more. You play as Zeta, a talented and clever compulsive gambler, who has managed to crack the mystery of using multiple powers at will. Zeta is genetically Telekinetic, but through her ingenuity she has successfully mastered the use of Teleportation, Flux Energy, and Morph, all exceptionally powerful and varied in nature. By infusing these additional abilities in a set of three dice and using her own Implant as a conduit, Zeta can gain access to an unprecedented range of powers. The intricate mechanics challenge the player to incorporate elements of chance into their gameplay and to think of creative ways to solve problems regardless of where the dice land.